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Mike Morrison writes the popular Canadian blog Mike's Bloggity Blog. He also runs a social media and digital marketing conference called SocialWest. He quit his job as a producer of Breakfast Television in 2013 to write his blog full time, which has now expanded into many different ventures.

Mike Morrison


Neil Zeller & Mike Morrison
Neil Zeller


Fake it until you make it

By the time Neil Zeller quit his job he had a family, a mortgage, and was one of Alberta’s most popular photographers, racking up hundreds of thousands of likes and shares and clients from across the country. Not bad for an office furniture salesman.

Sarah Ward & Mike Morrison
Sarah Ward


Anything you can do, I can do better

Sarah Ward is an award-winning interior designer who learned her craft from some of the best in the industry. So what happened when she decided that she could go it alone?

Roger Kingkade & Mike Morrison
Roger Kingkade


Enough is enough

If you’ve ever lived in Western Canada, you’ve likely heard Roger Kingkade’s voice. The popular radio host has been working in the industry for years. So when Roger lost his last job, an all too frequent occurrence in radio, Kingkade quit his career and started down a whole new path: app development.

Lourdes Juan & Mike Morrison
Lourdes Juan


Two birds, one stone

Lourdes Juan is an Urban Planner and Calgary based entrepreneur. She shares her time as the Director of Hive Developments, Soma Hammam and Spa, and doing community work with non-profits she founded, the Leftovers Foundation and Moonlight Market Foundation. To get there, she had to quit not one job, but two.

Paula Worthington & Mike Morrison
Paula Worthington


The morning after

What happens immediately after you quit? So far on this podcast, we've met entrepreneurs who've been navigating the world of self-employment for some time, but what are the first hours, days and weeks like? I thought it'd be good to talk to someone who just quit, like a few weeks ago. Paula Worthington is one of Canada's newest entrepreneurs and today she'll share with us what it's been like so far.

Graham Sherman & Mike Morrison
Graham Sherman


How to Quit When You're The Boss

The day you quit your job is without a doubt one of the most stressful days you'll professionally ever go through. You have no idea how your boss with react, will they be supportive? Furious? But what happens when you quit your own job? Graham Sherman was employed at Tool Shed Brewery...until he recently quit. But Graham already knew how the boss was going to react, because, as luck would have it, he's the co-owner of the brewery.

Derek MacDonald & Mike Morrison
Derek MacDonald


Why Quitting School is Sometimes The Right Thing to Do

Growing up, we were taught that if you wanted to succeed in life, you basically have to go to school until you had more degrees than toes. But as many have learned, going to school doesn’t always work out, but does the stigma of quitting school make carving your own career even harder? Derek MacDonald is the President of Boom Goes The Drum, a leading event management company. He actually quit school, and a lot of other things before he landed he exactly where he was supposed to.

Mike Gettis & Mike Morrison
Mike Gettis


Getting into bed with a new career path

Mike Gettis is the Founder and CEO of Endy and actually, he and I have a lot in common. First we both have an awesome first name. And second, we’ve both ended up in careers that didn’t exist back when we were supposed to be deciding what we wanted to do when we grew up. Taking on a new career in a new industry, Mike had to quit the well-worn career path he was on to sell beds that come in boxes.

Just a quick note about this episode, it was actually recorded during the middle of my digital marketing conference SocialWest, so a big thank you to Kyle Marshall from MediaLab for setting up a mini-podcast studio in the middle of a busy conference.

Rhonda Law & Mike Morrison
Rhonda Law


Giving it all up, so you can have it all!

I honestly feel like I started this podcast because I wanted to tell stories like our next one. Rhonda Law owns a company called Bark, which sells a line of dog treats and accessories. She didn’t go to school for it, quite the opposite actually. But over the past couple of years, she made big, bold decisions that led her on a career that she never saw coming. Today, we talk to Rhonda about how she quit her job and sold her house all so she could become her own top dog.